I Say Hello

When I began dreaming up the Daily Daisy blog, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted from it. “This could be so easy!” I thought. “I have a great idea with plenty to write about!” So i created it, paid the dues, built my site, and then sat there. Sat there and stared. For minutes, then hours, then pushed it off for days, and left it there for a month or two. Once or twice a week I would head to one of my local coffee shops, pull out my computer and build myself up to write. Then I would open some new tabs, do some other things, and then pack up and leave. Zero progress made.

When I thought up this blog, the “daily” stemmed from my own self and the process, journey, adventure, of my everyday mind and thoughts. About a month ago, I came across the Law of Attraction and how it works, what it is. Instantly it felt like an “Aha” moment. “It all makes sense, it seems so obvious…it is so obvious!” So I began my research, started listening to podcasts, and becoming more aware of everything I was feeling. I was realizing the moment to moment nature of every single day, which proceeded the idea to begin my own blog to document my feelings, gratitudes, dreams, ideas, manifesting, all of it.

From the very beginning of my inspiration to have this idea for a blog, I strongly felt that “daisy” needed to be somewhere in the name. I never knew much about flowers and their symbols. Then in August of 2017, I experienced one of the most genuinely happy and painfully sad weekends of my entire life. One of my best friends and teammates from high school had gotten married to the love of her life where I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids. That same day, one of my preschool students who I loved dearly passed away in a terrible accident. In September, I got a tattoo dedicated to him. I knew how I envisioned it, but I needed to do a bit of research to ensure it would be perfect. The final outcome was a Daisy and Forget Me Nots. The Daisy was the most important aspect of the tattoo for me, however, as I came to learn that it symbolizes purity, innocence, and cheerfulness. The perfect reminder every time I would see the tattoo on my body.

Since then, I have held the Daisy close to my heart and see the symbolism as a way to think and live by. As I sat and combined multiple possibilities for a name for my blog, the Daily Daisy felt right. It just continued to stick out to me so I trusted my feelings.

My intentions for this blog are to share my experiences for anyone willing to follow along with me, to try new things, project ideas, artwork, food, stories, and whatever else is vibrating around my big silly brain.

Welcome to the Daily Daisy!



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